Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited


Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited is a community based secondary cooperative institution working with farmers at the grass root to improve their standards of living through agriculture, employing modern farming methods. The agricultural sector however faces challenges which include among others individual marketing, small scale production, poor post harvest handling practices which lowers their bargaining power and threatens internal marketing, low or limited access to inputs , sell of raw materials thus fetching low returns on production, the poor infrastructure which digs deep into final prices, agriculture being considered risky by financial institutions, general gaps in information on farming as a business, limited land for commercialized agriculture, extension services becoming rare with funding cuts especially to the government. However despite the challenges , agriculture remains the main activity in Uganda potentially employing directly or indirectly over 80% of the population much over 90% of these do it as result resort. Check Out Our Profile

About Us


A Leading farmer owned Co-operative institution providing access to better markets and market alternatives for farmers in rural farming communities.


To bring farmers together to carry out collective marketing and value addition through bulking of high quality produce with a purpose of gaining access to better markets, food security and improved income.


The organisation’s aim is to facilitate household income generation of the organisation’s members through skills development, postharvest handling, bulking, value addition, and joint marketing.


Agro-input supply, produce marketing, Provision of Business Development Support to farmer agro-enterprise co-operatives, Provision of market linkages to smallholder farmers, and Mobile money services.