Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited


Agriterra is an organization that supports farmers in fighting poverty, with advice from experts from the Dutch agricultural sector and with finance from the Dutch government. Their opinion is that strong farmers’ organizations lead to more democracy, economic growth and a better distribution of income. They focus on economic development and work closely together with the Dutch agribusiness.

Twezimbe Area Cooperative Enterprise (ACE) Limited was one of the lucky farmer organization that has been chosen among the many that they would work with in 2015 through their team Agribusiness component.
The action plan contains clear milestones for all parties involved and address expectations, commitments and the level of involvement of Agriterra and most important of Twezimbe Area Cooperative Enterprise Limited, the work plan with Agriterra now as an ACE is progressing the following;

  • Mapping and profiling farmers’ data, the Records and Information officer is in charge.
  • Marketing the ACE internally (Members mobilization) and
  • Developing of collection Centre plan for the ACE.
  • Market information is being delivered to farmers via phone calls and verbally to those without phones.
  • Maize is being purchased from farmers and kept in the store as the marketing committee procures a bulky buyer.

By March, which is the officially time of the funding from Agriterra, we hope to have accomplished some activities as we begin others and finalize with the unfinished.

Great thanks for Agriterra for raising our hopes and motivating our dreams and focus.

Project title : Upscale of on generating more income to members by adding value to maize.

Project period :  01-01-2016 until 30-11-2016

Contract number : 16tace-6462-16at-6275

Amount  : EUR 21,321

Back donor : The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the Financing Agency

Activities funded;- 

  1. Farming as a business
  2. Operationalization of the policy documents
  3. Development of structures at RPO level
  4. Inter RPO exchanges
  5. Audit
  6. AGM
  7. Establishment and training of supervisory committee
  8. Setting up of the quality management system
  9. Exchange visits