Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited

aBiTrust project

The partnership with aBi Trust was for one year from june 2012 to july 2013 and during the project we achieved the following;


  1. -Increased in income for participating farmers resulting from increased yield per acre and increase in average price from 500/= to 750/=, for maize and from 800/= to 1600/- for beans by end of project. The average yield per increased from 500kg and 200kg per acre to 2000kg and 575kg per acre for maize and beans respectively.
  2. There was also Increased volume of marketable Grade I maize by 8% resulting from farmers acquiring tarpaulins, shellers, construction of cribs for handling maize grain and increased access to quality testing equipments. The percentage of rejected maize at bulking centres reduced from 25% to 10% and beans from 16% to 6%.
  3. Use of low cost methods of farming (minimum & conservation tillage) significantly reduces the unit cost of production and increases profit margins. Twezimbe A.C.E will continue to promote conservation farming which is low cost and mitigative to the current climatic patterns.
  4. Use of demonstration gardens provides standing learning sites where even passersby can appreciate and learn new technologies. Demo gardens will therefore continue to be considered as an effective aid in skills dissemination for farmers.
  5. Revealing to farmers the economics of their business opens their minds and gives them hope. Farming as a business will continue to surface in promoting agribusiness among farmers.
  6. Farmers are willing to bulk and market together but they tend to hesitate due immediate demand for reinvestment and for oher household needs. Value chain development will therefore continue to be challenging without having an adequately responsive financing mechanism for farmers. There is need to put in a self financing mechanism for farmers through the village savings and loans associations (VSLAs)