Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited

About Us

Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited is a community based secondary cooperative institution working with farmers at the grass root to improve their standards of living through agriculture, employing modern farming methods.
The agricultural sector however faces challenges which include among others individual marketing, small scale production, poor post harvest handling practices which lowers their bargaining power and threatens internal marketing, low or limited access to inputs , sell of raw materials thus fetching low returns on production, the poor infrastructure which digs deep into final prices, agriculture being considered risky by financial institutions, general gaps in information on farming as a business, limited land for commercialized agriculture, extension services becoming rare with funding cuts especially to the government. However despite the challenges , agriculture remains the main activity in Uganda potentially employing directly or indirectly over 80% of the population much over 90% of these do it as result resort.
To counter the common beliefs about agriculture and ensure confidence in the sector, Twezimbe A.C.E is designing strategies which include improved post harvesting handling practices such as the construction of cribs at household level, provision of tarpaulins to demonstration host farmers, use of pallets where cribs are not possible and the produce is kept in stores attached to households, formation of marketing committees , opening up of outlets, setting up of a resource center in the region as a one stop centre for information on commercial farming and marketing, field days and exchange visits for onsite learning, bulking centers to trigger collective marketing,establishment of agro-input shops, radio programs, demonstration gardens for adoption purposes, tractor hire scheme for opening up of bigger gardens, agricultural financing through networking with banking institutions, close monitoring and supervision of implemented activities, timely reporting and documentation for increased learning and lessons. All information as backup and sharing with other stake holders shall be posted on the website.
The goal of the organization is to Transform farmers from subsistence to commercial oriented production with linkages with the public private partnerships and investments with the objectives of enhancing production and productivity, collective marketing and being an information center for capacity building in the region.
Twezimbe Area Cooperative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited expects to reach the milestones given its capacity steaming from experience in implementing similar activities with funding from different donors and well established on the ground, understanding the dynamics of agriculture and farming patterns, a contact office in the area of implementation, a competent board to monitor activities with experience in agriculture, professional staff and established policies which guide implementation, marketing networks to the level of World Food Program; meaning the organisation (Twezimbe A.C.E) has the capacity to produce and market internationally acceptable products.
Gender mainstreaming is a focal point for successful production and Twezimbe A.C.E is including well designed strategies to include men , women and PWDs without affecting family relations.

  1. Self-Help and Self responsibility
  2. Transparency and accountability
  3. Equity and Equality
  4. Openness and honesty
  5. Integrity and objectivity
  6. Democratic governance

The organisation’s aim is to facilitate household income generation of the organisation’s members through skills development, postharvest handling, bulking, value addition, and joint marketing.

The primary objective of the organisation is to create and expand sustainable economic opportunities for improved livelihoods in rural areas through a transformation of the agricultural economy from one that is dominated by subsistence to one that is driven by commercial farming.

  1. To enhance farmers’ ability to make meaningful decisions that renders their farming profitable and sustainable.
  2. To enhance farmers competitiveness at market level through improved quality of produce.
  3. To network with other government and non-government organisations which are established to promote welfare and organisation of the farming community.
  4. To assist farmers in selected value chains so that they gain improved access to credit, agro-inputs, and markets.
  5. To strengthen efforts among the farming community on the prevention of diseases including malaria and HIV/AIDS.
  6. To sensitise farmers on quality assurance of produce and other products for both internal and external markets.
  7. To enhance the role of the different gender(s) and other stakeholders in agriculture development.
  8. To spearhead efforts towards combating effects of climate change, human health, agricultural trade and markets.
  9. To enlighten the farming community on traditional and local knowledge in community-based innovations, including women and youth in agriculture.
  10. To deal with any other issues related to the rural farmer especially co-operators and agricultural value chain stakeholders.

Small-scale farmers in Kyankwanzi district face a number of challenges. In the area of Agro inputs farm supply related they include; fake inputs/adulterated chemicals, high input prices/costs, inputs not easily accessible, lack of technical knowledge on input use (especially chemicals), lack of standards to establish actual weight and lack of a farmers/co-operators owned farm inputs centre in the district.In the area of Agro processing (value addition) related they include; inadequate primary processing facilities at farmer supply level to process farmers’ grain. The existing maize and coffee facilities in the area are still inadequate, not automated and labour intensive. Organised farmer owned by primary Cooperatives (RPOs) both at primary cooperative societies and Twezimbe ACE levels are still lacking to enable farmers aggregate their produce for processing and value addition.In area of Agro-finance, smallholder farmers and Twezimbe Area Co-operative as a whole have inadequate access to farmer-friendly financial services thus unable to capitalise their business opportunities.Mobile money services offered by Twezimbe area Cooperative Enterprise is inadequately financed compared to the demand of farmers and the community in general.In the area of Business Development Services (BDS), inadequate working capital for farmers and Twezimbe A.C.E, there is a range of demand driven services that can be provided to farmers at a fee.The competencies of Twezimbe Area Cooperative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited lie in the existing farmers’ primary co-operative, the Rural Producer Organisations (RPOs) at village level, farmer-market linkages and mobilization capacity, grain bulking, marketing and processing. Through the RPOs, farmers are mobilized to produce grains on a commercial scale. Using Twezimbe A.C.E’s current experience and already developed bulking system, Twezimbe A.C.E will successfully expand its operations with limited resources.Synergies with other value chain actors create several opportunities for Twezimbe. These include among others; access to a large number of farmers in grain production (3,171  registered individual members and 18 RPOs), the integrated co-operative system that brings together these Production Units, Twezimbe A.C.E Ltd (Processing and Marketing Unit) and Twezimbe Farmers SACCO (Finance Unit) targets to operationalise a Warehouse Receipt System at rural level. In addition, a partnership arrangement with Agribusiness Initiative Trust (aBi-Trust) and USAID Feed The Future Commodity Production and Marketing Activity (CPMA) supporting the maize and beans value chains creates and improves production while increasing business opportunities for Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (ACE) Limited.In order to address the identified issues within the farmers and farming community, Twezimbe A.C.E intends to improve agro-inputs supply system, modernise farming, technology development, information provision, stakeholders collaboration, adoption and utilization of improved value addition and agro-processing technologies especially for maize and coffee, co-operative produce bulking and marketing, and access to good markets in the next 3 years. Targeting over 4,000 small scale farmers (co-operators) in Kyankwanzi district, the plan is aimed at boosting the incomes of small holder farmers in the next three years. Major focus will be on employment creation and income for farmers under Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise Limited.