Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited

ACE Background

Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (A.C.E) Limited started operating as a small organisation in 2008 as Kyeyitabya Producer Organisation (PO) when the work of “Livelihoods and Enterprises for Agricultural Development (LEAD)” USAID was going on in Kiboga district. In 2010, members of the group agreed to join efforts with other POs to form an umbrella organization following the arrangement of “USAID LEAD” of PO, Multi-PO and Multi-PO Company in that order. A neutral name “TWEZIMBE” was agreed upon and the organization was registered as farmer organisation with registrar of companies in Kampala on 1st April 2010 under the name, TWEZIMBE MULTI-PO COMPANY with about 1000 members. The organisation later joined Uganda Co-operative Alliance (U.C.A) and registered with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives as Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise Limited with registration number, 9905/RCS and currently has 3268 members with 1792 male and 1476 females. Organization offices are  in Ntwetwe Town Council, Kyankwanzi district (formerly Kiboga West constituency).

The organisation aims to facilitate household income generation of the organisation’s members through skills development, post harvest handling, bulking, value addition, and joint marketing of agricultural produce both crop and animal produce. The organization bears concern for an individual who comes from a farming household engaged in either animal or crop production or both. In the organization objectives, the organisation maintains concern for other life issues related to environment, health, gender issues and climate among others.