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Consulting firms and individual required
1.0 Background
Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise (ACE) Limited started operating as a small organization in 2008 as Kyeyitabya Producer Organization (PO) when the work of “Livelihoods and Enterprises for Agricultural Development (LEAD)” USAID was going on in Kiboga district. In 2010, members of the group agreed to join efforts with other POs to form an umbrella organization following the arrangement of “USAID LEAD” of PO, Multi-PO and Multi-PO Company in that order. A neutral name “TWEZIMBE” was agreed upon and the organization was registered as farmer organization with registrar of companies in Kampala on 1st April 2010 under the name, TWEZIMBE MULTI-PO COMPANY with about 1,000 members. The organization later joined Uganda Co-operative Alliance (U.C.A) and registered with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Co-operatives as Twezimbe Area Co-operative Enterprise Limited with registration number, 9905/RCS and currently has 3,679 members including 2,053 male and 1,626 female from 21 RPOs. Organization offices are located in Ntwetwe Town Council, Kyankwanzi district (formerly Kiboga West constituency).

Vision: A Leading farmer owned cooperative institution providing access to better markets and market alternatives to farmers in rural farming communities
Mission: To bring farmers together to carry out collective marketing and value addition through bulking of high quality produce with a purpose of gaining access to better markets, food security and improved income.

Organization goal and purposes:
The purpose of the organization is “improved livelihoods of farmers through strengthening productivity, production, bulking, market linkage and general welfare of the rural farming community”.

The organization goals and objectives among others include the following;

The primary objective of the organization is to create and expand sustainable economic opportunities for improved livelihoods in rural areas through a transformation of the agricultural economy from one that is dominated by subsistence to one that is driven by commercial farming.

Secondary objectives
1. To enhance farmers’ ability to make meaningful decisions that renders their farming profitable and sustainable
2. To enhance farmers competitiveness at market level through improved quality of produce.
3. To network with other government and non-government organizations which are established to promote welfare and organization of the farming community?
4. To assist farmers in selected value chains so that they gain improved access to credit, agro-inputs, and markets.
5. To reduce hunger and poverty, improve rural livelihoods, and facilitate equitable conditions environmentally, socially, and economically for sustainable development
6. To sensitize farmers on quality assurance of produce and other products for both internal and external markets.
7. To enlighten the farming community on traditional and local knowledge in community-based innovations, including women and youth in agriculture.
8. To enhance the role of the different gender(s) and other stakeholders in agriculture development.
9. To strengthen efforts among the farming community on the prevention of diseases including malaria and HIV/AIDS.
10. To spearhead efforts towards combating climate change, human health, agricultural trade and markets.
11. To deal with any other issues related to the rural farmer and agricultural value chain stakeholders.

The consultancy is meant to enable the cooperative appreciates its business and develope key parameter indicators for good performance and adopt the approaches to improve financial services availability and extension and markets for its members. Twezimbe’ Cooperative saving and credit Society ltd has received funds from to develop business plan and defines key indictors to improve on performance. The assignment will last 15 days and include development of development and improvement of business plan and setting key indicators fully owned by the cooperative society acknowledging support from the donor.


The objective of the assignment is to upgrade existing business plan and develop key performance indicator for Twezimbe’ Cooperative saving and credit Society.
2.0 Terms of Reference

• Review the institutional and the draft business plan
• Review of the project documents and other relevant documents.
• Identify current situation in terms of service provision of the society to members.
• Develop key performance indicator for the society
• Evaluate the current income generating activities and list what is going well and what is not going well?
• Propose feasible business opportunities to be developed at the society and in the community:
• Identify at least 5 potential income generating activities for society through discussion and brainstorming with the society
• Identify areas of intervention that are most interesting to be developed based on a simple market research.
• Production of the draft report and sharing with AMFIU and NADIPU.
• Presentation of the draft report at a validation workshop

• Identification of the human, technical, and natural resources to be used
• Development an inception report and share with Twenzimbe.
• Presentation of the draft report at a validation workshop.

• The expected consultancy deliverables shall include of hard and soft copy of:
• Inception report including a format of business plans
• On draft report to be presented at the thematic team ID
• A report on the applied methodology and findings
• One final report including:
• A report on the applied methodology and findings
• Write a detailed Business plan report and the accompanying with key indicators as a separate document to be submitted in both soft and hard copies.
3.0 The Qualification of the local Consultant:
1. It is expected that Local Seasoned Consultant(s) / Firm(s) with a solid track record and experience of developing business plan for cooperative society:
2. At least a degree in social sciences, development studies, economics accounting or Minimum 10 years proven experience in business development, including in rural areas
3. Experience in institutional development
4. Knowledge of agriculture and farmer cooperative and management
5. Available to travel to all project site
6. Good communicating and facilitating skills
7. Excellent report writing skills
8. Fluent in English
3.1 Responsibility of Twezimbe’ Cooperative saving and credit Society
Twezimbe’ Cooperative saving and credit Society will on the other hand provide all the relevant information, financial support and back-up man-power (from the Twezimbe’ Cooperative saving and credit Society field team) required by the consultant(s) to undertake the assignment. The assignment will last for15 days including report compilation.

3.2 Reporting.
Final process report of all documents will be submitted in one softcopy and 2 hard copies not later than 5 working days of the completion of the assignment(s).
The key reports will include:
• Adhoc briefing notes on key implementation issues.
• Draft final report to Twezimbe’ Cooperative saving and credit Society.
• Final report on the end of the assignment.
4.0 Selection Criteria
The selection process will take the following into account:
Selection criteria Weight
1. CV Details and proven experience in carrying out similar Assignments 35%
2. Understanding of the Assignment 5%
3. Innovations to the Approach and Cost effectiveness 5%
4. Professional and Analytical Presentation skills 5%
5. Experience to handle Business plan development 15%
6. Cost 35%

5.0 Application process
All applications should include the following;
• Cover letter (maximum 1 page) and updated CV’s of the business plan development team members
• Technical proposal (Max 8 pages): Which should include (i) brief explanation about the Consultant with particular emphasis on previous experience in this kind of work; (ii) profile of the Consultant to be involved in undertaking the assignment , (iii) Understanding of the TOR and the task to be accomplished, (iv) draft work and plan
• Financial Proposal: Which should include consolidated consultancy fees including: accommodation and living costs and transport cost?
• Where to send applications: please send your applications and proposal to the chairperson procurement committee; Twezimbe’ Cooperative saving and credit Society Ltd P.O Box 69, Kiboga or via email;

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